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Who we are...

Founded in April 2000, Espace Bleu company was taken over in May 2019 by Jérôme and Lucille SOWINSKI. It adopts a sustainable development approach and is circular by design: Espace Bleu focuses its activity on the preservation and restoration of coral reefs. It take part of a sustainable development approach according to a virtuous circle: Espace Bleu focuses its activity on the preservation and restoration of coral reefs. Partner hotels finance this important work. They participate in a sustainable environmental action and benefit for their customers from magnificent coral gardens. Thus, preserving this ecosystem benefits everyone !



Our ethical commitments:

Our team
Jérôme Sowinski,
Espace Bleu's director and Professional Diver
A team of specialized technicians and a marine biologist collaborate in Espace Bleu’s work.

Lucille Sowinski, Co-manager
of Espace Bleu and Professional Diver

Environnemental ethics  :

Preserving the natural environment and biodiversity is the primary objective of our work. That is why we develop coral gardens and coral cuttings. This makes it possible to extend the coral cover already naturally present and to promote the diversity of species and genetic strains. Moreover, the coral larvae will be able to disperse in the lagoon and colonize the natural environment.

Rescue action: we identify corals in distress or damaged in the lagoon to relocate them on coral reefs in order to save them. Only endangered or highly threatened corals are collected to give them a chance of survival that they would not have if they were left behind.

Waste action: Espace bleu systematically collects all detritus found in the water or floating. On our boat trips, we stop to pick up plastic bottles or other things floating on the surface. All this waste (over 500 kg per year) is brought to the Bora-Bora recycling center to be treated or recycled.

In addition, we participate actively and on a voluntary basis in various actions to preserve the environment, such as the Clean-up Day or the actions of the Ia Vai Ma Noa Bora Bora association.

Animal ethics:

Espace Bleu considers that every life is important and deserves to be preserved. Each species contributes to maintaining biodiversity. That is why Espace Bleu always searches forsolutions that preserves animals’ lives.

Stonefish must be removed from ocean in front of hotels for the safety of guests. Theyare captured and moved to deeper waters, away from beaches and swimming areas. Moray eels, while they can be particularly impressive, are usually neither aggressive nor dangerous unless they are fed. When we find that the behavior of a moray eel is unusual or dangerous within the ocean in front of the hotel, it is captured and moved away from frequented places. Stegastes is the only fish that Espace Bleu regulates because it proliferates quickly and destroys coral reefs..