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Act by our side

To preserve coral reefs, we need to act collectively to reduce our impact on the environment!

When traveling and staying at resorts, please remember to manage your waste well to prevent it from falling or blowing off into the ocean.

Protecting the oceans and marine biodiversity is everyone's work. Global warming, pollution, mass tourism ...

Today is the time to act to preserve our natural ecosystems.

When swimming to look marine biodiversity, please be careful not to break the corals with your fins and don’t lean on them. Corals take years to develop; some of them only grow an inch a year!


With SEA NAREA, you can participate in a coral cutting activity in Bora Bora. You can also sponsor coral cuttings or offer one for a birth, a wedding, or just for fun ... For any coral cuttings, we give you a certificate.

Each action contributes to the conservation of the lagoon of Bora Bora and helps us to restore degraded coral reefs.


Consider using environmentally friendly sunscreens. Chemical filters, used in certain sun protection products, are harmful for coral.

Today is the time to act to preserve our natural ecosystems. Therefore you may have the chance, like us, to make surprising discoveries...

Décorator crab
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Magnificent octopus
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Tétrodon with its seaweed
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Hermit Bernarde
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Well hidden Sole
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Stone fish unmasqued
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